Structural Design

as part of collaborative design team with architecture, mechanical electrical and even landscape design consultant, structural final design are achieved with coordination with all discipline to create the integrated design output. Support Tender and Construction phase with structural calculation and drawing. Support owner in permit process with structural calculation and also replying TABG review (Public Works of Government) for structural design output.

Structural Evaluation

Checking existing building with assessment and retrofitting if necessary, the evaluation are starting with reviewing building existing data such as built drawing, soil investigation report, then continue with remodeling and analysis process and identifying the current behavior of building to determined the action required to assure the building still safe to continue operating .

Owners Team Advisor

As part of owner team, to review and to advising owner’s structural consultant team. Provide second opinion to backup owner’s project team to deliver not only efficient and workable, but also comply with current construction and seismic code for structural design output.

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